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TriUnity Launches MyGlobalPayLine
into 200 Countries Worldwide.

Greg Gunderson, CEO and Founder

Mr. Greg Gunderson is a Business Entrepreneur, Inventor and Real Estate Investor. Greg began his business career 28 years ago. After leaving college, he invented a toy product called “The Free Flight Glider,” a four-foot wing span toy airplane. Mr. Gunderson’s distribution networks sold this toy product across the U.S. and Canada in most Super Regional Shopping Malls, State and County Fairs, and shows. The Gliders were also sold in Sears. Mr. Gunderson then developed his own ice cream bars called “GREG’S GOURMET” Ice Cream products. His gourmet ice cream products were distributed by a leading grocery chain and convenience stores. Mr. Gunderson has, over the years, started and assisted with other companies that have also been successful.

In 1993, Mr. Gunderson entered the Network Marketing Industry. He became a top producer in 3 different companies, applying his business success formula along the way. Mr. Gunderson also developed several copyrighted and nationally acclaimed Direct Marketing (Systems) for his “downline” members. After 4 years as a successful distributor, Mr. Gunderson launched his own MLM Company, American Dream Nutrition. Using a Direct Mail Marketing System that he created, Greg sponsored THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS of Autoship Distributors within 1 year for his company. To this day, American Dream is still enjoying a successful run as an MLM company with distributors across America and Canada. Greg is also CEO of a very Successful Marketing/Lead Generation Company, Success Marketing Group Inc. He is also CEO of a staffing company which provides employees to his other companies.

As an Entrepreneur, Mr. Gunderson is constantly striving to develop “The Perfect Opportunity” for the MLM Industry. MyGlobalPayLine is destined to become Greg's greatest triumph. In watching the MLM Industry over the last few years, Greg figured he could develop a company with state-of-the-art products that were unique and powerful, yet very simple. Not only for the value of the nutritional products, but also for it’s very lucrative Compensation Plan and Support System with an entry level of only One bottle of Product making it affordable for EVERYONE who is interested in a Home-Based Business.

Ms. Julie Stack, Director of Operations

MyGlobalPayLine is pleased to have Ms. Stack as our Director of Operations. Julie has tremendous experience in the corporate and business arena as well as the Network Marketing industry. Her remarkable 25-year corporate career which consists of providing strong direction and leadership within large, corporate environments is highlighted by a personal dedication to maximizing organizational efficiency and empowering others to succeed.

Adding to the mix of an impressive 25 year corporate portfolio, Ms. Stack has also worked as an investigative reporter for a Los Angeles based news station, following her dreams of writing on the set of such shows as Inside Edition and 20/20. She has also authored several books and articles and has had an impressive singing career adding her unique style and flair to several TV commercials.

Julie joined the Network Marketing industry as a Distributor after retiring from Corporate America and quickly replaced her corporate income and established one of the nation's largest women's based networking cooperatives WATT (Women At The Top). Along the way she published several books on Network Marketing, Home-Based Business Tax Advantages and Success Benchmarks. Companies soon saw the value of her positive attitude and amazing work ethic and brought her aboard to run their operations. Ms. Stack, an Attorney, also has a strong legal background in contracts and negotiations which provides significant depth to her management and operational skills which are extremely important in the business arena today.

The vast, influencial relationships Julie has been able to build over the years has strengthened her solid reputation among her colleagues making her the perfect fit for MyGlobalPayLine. The scope of her experience has spanned virtually all aspects of our industry and we couldn't be more proud to have her on our team.

Displaying a wide range of interests, Julie is also seriously involved in public service, as well as many charitable community organizations where she serves in a variety of leadership roles. Ms. Stack's contributions to a myriad of boards and committees are a testament to her drive and passion for effecting positive change.

TriUnity's MyGlobalPayline Manufacturing

The manufacturers that we have teamed up with to produce our products are FDA Regulated manufacturing facilities that operates under strict guidelines of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). Our manufacturers are some of the largest in the world. Mr. Gunderson, has maintained a long-term manufacturing and business relationship with them during the development of several nutritional products through the years. Our manufacturers have full laboratory capabilities to produce our products and provide Micro-Biological Testing, PH Testing, Percentage of Moisture Testing, and Brix Testing, all to provide the optimum in Quality Control and to ensure the absolute highest quality products, period!

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Sean Defreitas, IT Systems Manager:
Sean works directly with our software programmer and our office staff to maintain all aspects of merchant services, charging systems, and computer systems with MyGlobalPayLine. Sean has been a part of our team for several years and has been instrumental in the set up and maintenance of MyGlobalPayLine computer systems, networks, software and hardware. Sean is well versed in the latest technologies.

Priscilla Garcia, Office / Accounting Department Manager
Priscilla's direct experience with "The Marriott" Hotel chain gives her the experience needed to work with MyGlobalPayLine's customer service staff behind the scenes and make sure distributors and customers are well taken care of.

Kris McCaslin, Website design and Maintenance manager
Kris works directly with Greg, our CEO, and our software programmers to make sure all functions of our Websites are running smoothly. Kris brings his wealth of experience to the MyGlobalPayLine team.

Gabby B., TriUnity Success Coach & Customer Service
Gabby is trained to work directly with MyGlobalPayLine distributors helping them understand exactly how to run their business. As a Success Coach, Gabby can give reps specific "step by step" instructions on how to use any of MyGlobalPayLine's Online or Offline Marketing and Recruiting Systems. Gabby is a huge asset to our MyGlobalPayLine team.

Terry Spears, Success Coach & Customer Service
Terry is trained to work directly with MyGlobalPayLine distributors helping them understand exactly how to run their business. As a Success Coach, Terry can give reps specific "step by step" instructions on how to use any of MyGlobalPayLine's Online or Offline Marketing and Recruiting Systems. Terry has over 15 years of customer service experience with prior experience working with a large well known Nutritional Network Marketing company. Terry is a huge asset to our MyGlobalPayLine team.

Virginia Carl, Accounting Department
Virginia works in MyGlobalPayLine's accounting department. Virginia has also been known to help out the customer service staff and Success Coaches when the phone lines are lit up. Virginia is a great MyGlobalPayLine team player.

Manuel Rodriguez, Warehouse Manager
Manuel is MyGlobalPayLine's warehouse manager. Manuel, in addition to the warehouse and product flow makes sure that our shipping systems are operating at full capacity.


Tom Garcia, Assistant Warehouse Manager
Tom, even though a college student, still works full time as MyGlobalPayLine's Assistant Warehouse Manager