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Introducing MyGlobalPayline.Com™

"A Dream Come True" for the Home Based Business Internet Marketing Entrepreneur 

After consulting with the world’s leading compensation plan developers and studying the most successful plans in the industry … MyGlobalPayLine.Com™ is ready to take its well deserved place at the pinnacle of the home based / Internet marketing industry. No other “system” offers so much for so little or the kind of products the world has longed for. And no other plan offers such tremendous financial rewards with such low qualifications.

MyGlobalPayLine.Com™ has just leveled the playing field for anyone interested in making a serious living in the booming Internet / Home Based Business industry. We truly believe it's important for you and every member on your team to be able to cover your costs and earn a great income as fast as possible while creating a solid “long-term” monthly residual income without all the hoops & hassles, massive auto-ships, and unfair volume requirements common to this industry.

Here’s 7 reasons MyGlobalPayline.Com™ is growing so FAST...
  1. It’s the ONLY straight-line system that's open for business in over 200 countries!
  2. It’s the ONLY straight-line system that offers an optional Global $29 Affiliate Program!
  3. It’s the ONLY straight-line system with "Personally Sponsored" Matching Bonuses!
  4. It’s the ONLY straight-line system with Weekly Unlimited 8 Generation Fast Start Bonuses!
  5. It's the ONLY straight-line system that pays through 10 generatons of monthly comissions.
  6. It’s the ONLY straight-line system with Car / House Bonuses, as much as $20K a month or more!
  7. It’s the ONLY straight-line system with the highest paying, most attainable monthly revenue-sharing pools in the industry!

MyGlobalPayline.Com™ is a premium “state-of-the-art” breakthrough system that offers each of its members a genuine opportunity to achieve unprecedented entrepreneurial success and a chance to live life to the fullest.

NOTE: Should you have any questions regarding our compensation plan please refer to the Compensation Plan Legend and our Answers to Common Questions section at the end of this description. If you still have questions or need help getting started please contact your MyGlobalPayLine representative.

You can get started for as little as $14 a month and you can begin earning money immediately as a MyGlobalPayline.Com™ Affiliate Member for just $29 a month. (See details and benefits of both memberships below) As a Silver, Gold or Platinum distributor you can tap into one of the most generous global pay plans in history and - earn money from eight different income streams.

MyGlobalPayline.Com™ offers you Weekly Unlimited Fast Start Bonuses through 8 Generations –an Industry first, and 5 monthly corporate revenue sharing pools that are among the most generous and most attainable in the industry. Now you can earn a piece of the entire worldwide sales volume from MyGlobalPayline.Com™ every month.

MyGlobalPayline.Com™ also offers monthly residual bonuses paid through 10 generations - PLUS a 20% matching bonus on all personally enrolled distributors no matter where they fall in your organization. Along with our lucrative monthly corporate revenue sharing pools, we also include the Industry’s most lucrative unlimited and uncapped car and house bonuses – as much as $20,000 a month or more!

Here are some FACTS most companies don't want you to know. These are Industry STATISTICS… and “they” won’t tell you! 

Industry reports show that, on average, 70% to 98% of distributors in most companies NEVER get a check, not even one dollar. With MyGlobalPayline.Com™ a tremendously HIGH % of distributors earn a check every week and - or every month.

MyGlobalPayline.Com™ offers the most money for the least amount of effort within the industry… PERIOD!

MyGlobalPayline.Com™ Dares to Compare…

Company X says; In order to earn past the 1st Generation you must personally purchase $120. In order to earn past your 2nd Generation you have some Group Volume requirements. In order to earn past 4 Generations you have to purchase $240 and have as much as $20,000 in your Personal Group Volume to be qualified to earn on 8 levels. To earn Fast Start bonuses you have to buy as much as $360 in PV to earn on just 4 levels. Plus 8 out of their 12 Company Bonus Pools require you to have at least $100,000 and up to 10 Million in monthly sales volume to qualify for these Pools. (No way!)

Company M; These guys want you to buy as much as 10 cases of product on auto-ship. That's 40 bottles of juice! And 15 out of their 20 Bonus Pools require you have at least $100,000 in Group Volume and up to 15 Million in Volume to get into Pools 10 thru 20. (Perhaps a lottery ticket might be a better choice…)

Company T; It appears that there may be several parts of this plan that seem to be a bit misleading.

Company Straight Line; There is one system where you have to start a new leg (a new straight line) every time you want to earn money on more than just a hand full of people.

OK, now let’s take a look at MyGlobalPayLine.Com™ and see why practically nobody says no to this amazing opportunity once they thoroughly examine the benefits of the MyGlobalPayline.Com™compensation plan. Oh yeah - - don’t forget to check out our phenomenal all-natural health and wellness products that has everyone buzzing with excitement!