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LITTLE AS $14.00

Associate Member: $14 monthly – includes fully customized MyGlobalPayline.Com™ flash video website with auto-responder lead generation system with highly functional state-of-the-art back-office ($348 Annual Value) weekly SuccessNow!™ E-News-gram ($139 Annual Value). Being an active Associate Member also locks in your MyGlobalPayline.Com™ “Business Center” which automatically places all new members joining the MyGlobalPayline.Com™ system from over 200 countries directly UNDER YOU. This means you’ll have business partners above and below you building YOUR GlobalPayline.Com™ business! To start earning money right away with MyGlobalPayline.Com™ simply up-grade your membership to the Affiliate Membership level and/or to the Silver, Gold or Platinum Distributor level. NOTE: To begin earning money you must upgrade to either Affiliate or Distributor level.

Affiliate Membership Level: $29 monthly – includes everything an Associate Member receives “plus” an opportunity to break even with just 3 Affiliates. You’ll have your own Teleconference Call line (This is a $99 monthly value in itself) so that you can conduct your own conference calls with your business partners and their team or your prospects. Affiliate Members also receive a special license agreement to download and re-print certain informational products, sales aids, e-books, training modules and much more. Learn while you earn as an Affiliate Member and build an incredible “extra” income while you build your MyGlobalPayLine.Com™ distributorship. (The $29 is not in addition to the $14 – it covers both!)

Affiliate Members also earn $10 per month on each Affiliate they sponsor and $3 per month on each Affiliate THEY sponsor. The “optional” Affiliate Member program can help you “break even” fast. Once you sponsor just 3 new Affiliates, you’ll earn $30 plus $3 per month on every active Affiliate member your personally sponsored Affiliates sponsor. So get 3 - your home FREE…Get more and earn an unlimited extra income with this great option!

Tapping into the Power of the GlobalPayLine™ Pay Plan…

DISTRIBUTOR LEVELS: MyGlobalPayLine.Com™ makes it easy and affordable to get started, to break even fast - and to earn great money as a distributor as well. With MyGlobalPayLine.Com™ the sky’s the limit! You can be an Associate, an Affiliate, a Distributor or – all three - you choose your level of success with MyGlobalPayLine. The best of all worlds is to become and Affiliate and a Silver, Gold or Platinum Distributor. This will allow you to tap into all the personal and financial rewards available!

SILVER DISTRIBUTOR: $30 Monthly P/V - 1 product, your choice on monthly A/S

GOLD DISTRIBUTOR: $60 Monthly P/V – 2 products, your choice on monthly auto-ship (A/S)

PLATINUM DISTRIBUTOR: $120 Monthly P/V – 4 products, your choice on monthly A/S

Retail Profits: All Distributors for MyGlobalPayline.Com™ can purchase products at the distributor wholesale cost and market them at the suggested retail price. This is a great way to put immediate profits of up to 100%* or more in your pocket. You can also refer people to your website to order products at the suggested retail price making it easy for you to earn retail profits without stocking or delivering products.

Optional Fund Raiser / Organizational Sales: (U.S. Only) No cost to the organization to join and we set up the Church, School or fund raising organization with a FREE website. We’ll provide the product literature in a PDF format with instructions on how to copy and use it. The organization earns money every month from product purchases from their website and YOU earn money every month from all orders placed by their members and customers. You could build a huge monthly income by passing out flyers to every Church, Club, School or Fund Raising Organization in your area or anywhere you wish. Everyone wins with this great option to our system.

MyGlobalPayline.Com™ Distributors Have the Best of all Worlds

Many people coming into MyGlobalPayline.Com™ want to know how they can benefit from all the new members being placed under them. A lot of people who join a network marketing business never sponsor anyone, and some only sponsor a few, which means they never have a downline at all. With the GlobalPayline™ system, virtually everyone who joins and stays active for at least $14 a month could have a tremendous amount of people from around the world placed directly under them. As a distributor you can tap into an unlimited income from the tremendous volume that could be created under you!

And this is just the tip of the iceberg!

As you study this plan you’ll see that you can quickly and easily qualify for several bonuses and commissions within our program and you can tap into the tremendous power of the GlobalPayLine™ system as an active distributor. We have created a marketing system that virtually has “no deadwood” in the pay-line and a way for everyone to remain active for mere pennies a day. It is an amazing system that is based totally upon people helping people to succeed and every aspect of our program is designed to encourage this philosophy to flourish and grow. Everyone has a chance to win!

It is each member and/or distributors responsibility to remain active each month. If you allow your monthly auto-ship for the $14 or above to lapse you will lose your business center position in the GlobalPayLine™. This could result in losing a significantly large downline and potential income.MyGlobalPayLine.Com™ allows everyone a “30 day “grace period” to re-activate your business center (The $14 Associate Level is the minimum requirement to maintain your business center). After the 30-day grace period all members below will move up – no deadwood.

Weekly Unlimited 8 Generation Fast Start Bonus: MyGlobalPayLine.Com™ could pay you Fast Start Money on every single Silver, Gold or Platinum distributor joining your entire personal group through 8 Generations. You could earn from $1.50 to $24.00 on every new distributor’s first or initial order as they join your team. Anyone you personally sponsor is your 1st generation distributor no matter where they fall in your GlobalPayLine™ under you. This means your first generation distributor (Sam) could be several “levels” down, but is still your 1st “generation” partner. As an example…

You ->
Bob ->
sponsored by an active distributor… somewhere above you (upline)
Sue ->
personally sponsored by Bob
Sam ->
you personally sponsored Sam – your 1st generation distributor

Now when Sam begins to sponsor other distributors they become your 2nd generation distributors and as they begin to sponsor new distributors they become your 3rd generation and so on progressing down through 8 generations. Your 8 generations of distributors could reach hundreds of levels deep, but the computer utilizes a state-of-the-art “dynamic compression” search and pay system when calculating bonuses and commissions.

You can have an unlimited number of distributors in each of your 8 generations making this one of the most exciting and rewarding Fast Start bonuses ever created.

Silver Distributors earn Fast Start Bonuses through 4 generations.

Gold Distributors earn Fast Start Bonuses through 8 generations.

Platinum Distributors earn Fast Start Bonuses through 8 generations plus 20% matching bonuses on all personally sponsored distributors (See below for details).

Weekly 8 Generation Fast Start Percentages You Can Earn

1st Generation - 20%
1st Generation - 20%
2nd Generation - 10%
2nd Generation - 10%
3rd Generation - 5%
3rd Generation - 5%
4th Generation – 5%
4th through 8th Generation - 5% each

Using a simple example of what could happen if you sponsored 5 and they each sponsored 5 will give you an idea of the “potential” of the GlobalPayLine™ 8 generation fast start bonus. Keep in mind that you can have an UNLIMITED number of distributors in each of your 8 generations. (See chart below)

1st Generation
5 distributors x an average of $5
2nd Gen
25 distributors x $5
3rd Gen
125 distributors x $5
4th Gen
625 distributors x $5
5th Gen
3,125 distributors x $5
6th Gen
15,525 distributors x $5
7th Gen
78,125 distributors
? (You do the math)
8th Gen
390,625 distributors

Why it pays to be a Platinum Distributor…

Platinum Distributors earn a 20% Matching Bonus on all personally sponsored distributors. All active Platinum distributors ($120 Monthly P.V.) automatically earn a 20% matching bonus on every personally sponsored distributor’s 10 generation GlobalPayLine™ income. As an example, if one of your personally sponsored distributors earns a $5,000 monthly check for his or her 10 generation team you would receive 20% or a $1,000 matching bonus check. If he/she earned $10,000 you would receive a $2,000 matching check and so on. You can earn an unlimited amount of matching bonus checks each month as you build your MyGlobalPayLine.Com™ business. The Platinum 20% matching bonus encourages all Platinum business builders to help each of their personally sponsored distributors and rewards them handsomely for their effort. A very rewarding reason to become a Platinum asap!

Monthly Residual Income with Dynamic Compression: As a MyGlobalPayLine.Com active distributor you can also earn monthly residual commissions from the efforts of all Silver, Gold and Platinum distributors through 10 generations. Silvers earn through 4 generations - Gold distributors earn through 8 generations and Platinum distributors earn through all 10 generations.


1st Generation – 8%

2nd Generation - 8%

3rd Generation - 4%

4th Generation - 4%


1st Generation - 8%

2nd Generation – 8%

3rd Generation through 8th Generation - 4% on each


Same as GOLD plus an additional 2% on 9th and 10th Generations

Monthly Corporate Sales Revenue Pools:

MyGlobalPayLine.Com™ offers yet another phenomenal benefit for distributors who are willing to roll up their sleeves and go after their dreams. Every month the company takes a percentage of its commissionable sales volume and shares it with all qualified Platinum distributors and above. Profit sharing pools consist of 2% divided equally with all qualified Platinum, Diamond, Double Diamond and Triple Diamond distributors. Presidential Diamond Distributors will share 4% of the entire company’s commissionable volume with other Presidential Diamonds and will also receive a share of the other pools.


Platinum Pool / PGV $5,000 TTV $10,000 - 2% Shared

Diamond Pool – PGV $10,000 / TTV $20,000 – 2% Shared

Double Diamond – PGV $25,000 / $50,000 – 2% Shared

Triple Diamond – PGV $50,000 / TTV $100,000 – 2% Shared

Presidential Diamond – PGV $125,000 / TTV 250,000 – 4% Shared

NOTE: Diamonds and above also receive a share in each pool which means you could ultimately receive a share in all 5 monthly revenue sharing pools.

Leadership Monthly Car and House Bonus:

For Triple Diamond Distributors and above, MyGlobalPayLine.Com™ will pay as much as $20,000 a month OR MORE to all qualified distributors in this category.

A Triple Diamond or above who builds his or her PGV to $20,000 with $10,000 PGV within 2 or more separate generations and $40,000 in TTV earns a 2% monthly bonus to be used for a car or house payment. *(The PGV must have 50% of the volume within 2 or more separate generations. This is an unlimited, uncapped bonus. You can earn 2% of your PGV as you qualify above and beyond the $20K)

So when you reach $20,000 in PGV and $40,000 in TTV your bonus will be $400 (2%)

When you reach $50,000 PGV and $100,000 TTV you will receive a $1,000 car / house bonus.

$100,000 in PGV and $200,000 in TTV = $2,000 bonus.

$200,000 in PGV and $400,000 in TTV = $4,000 bonus.

$1 million in PGV and $2 million in TTV = $20,000 bonus.

MyGlobalPayLine.Com™ Compensation Plan Overview


1. Retail sales profits – up to 100%
2. Affiliate Member Two-Tiered Bonuses - $10 on 1st tier, $3 on 2nd tier
3. Fund Raiser Bonuses (U.S. Only)
4. Weekly Unlimited 8 Generation Fast Start Bonuses
5. 10 Generation Monthly Residual Bonuses
6. Platinum 20% Matching Bonus on all Personally Sponsored Distributors
7. Monthly Leadership Car & House Bonus (as much as $20,000 a month or more)
8. Monthly Corporate Revenue Sharing Pools (can participate in all 5 pools)


1. Associate Member ($14.00 monthly) Refer to paragraph 1 at the top of this page for a list of benefits. 
2. Affiliate Member ($29.00 monthly) Refer to paragraph 2 at the top of this page for a list of benefits.


Silver Distributor ($30 P/V Monthly Auto-Ship) One product of your choice

 Can purchase products at wholesale, sell at retail
 Earn Weekly Fast Start Bonus through 4 generations
 Earn 2-tiered Affiliate bonuses (must be an Affiliate)
 Earn monthly residual income bonuses through 4 generations

Gold Distributor ($60 P/V Monthly A/S) Two products of your choice

Receives all the benefits of a Silver Distributor plus:

 Weekly Fast Start Bonuses through 8 generations
 Earn monthly residual income bonuses through 8 generations

PLATINUM DISTRIBUTOR ($120 P/V Monthly A/S) Four products of your choice

  Receives all the benefits of a Gold Distributor plus:

 Earns Infinity Fast Start Bonus through 8 generations
 Earns 20% matching bonus on all personally sponsored active distributors
 Earns monthly residual income bonuses through 10 generations
 Can qualify for Platinum monthly corporate revenue sharing bonus pool (2% shared)

DIAMOND DISTRIBUTOR ($120 P/V Monthly A/S plus 5 personally sponsored Platinum’s)

  Receives all the benefits of a Platinum Distributor plus:

 Can qualify for a share in the monthly Platinum revenue sharing pool (2% shared)
 Can qualify for a share in the monthly Diamond revenue sharing pool (2% shared)

DOUBLE DIAMOND DISTRIBUTOR ($120 P/V Monthly A/S Plus 10 Personally Sponsored Platinum’s)

  Receives everything a Diamond Distributor receives plus:

 Can qualify for a share in the monthly Double Diamond revenue sharing pool (2% shared)

TRIPLE DIAMOND ($120 P/V Monthly A/S Plus 15 Personally sponsored Platinum’s)

  Receives all the benefits of a Double Diamond plus:

 Can qualify for a share in the monthly Triple Diamond revenue sharing pool (2% shared)
 Can qualify for a monthly leadership car and house bonus – as much as     $20,000 per month or more. Unlimited and uncapped.

PRESIDENTIAL DIAMOND DISTRIBUTOR ($120 P/V Monthly A/S Plus 5 Personally Sponsored Triple Diamonds)

  Receives all the benefits of a Triple Diamond Distributor plus:

 Can qualify for a share in the monthly Presidential revenue pool -4% shared

MyGlobalPayLine.Com™ Compensation Plan Legend:

GlobalPayLine™: One straight line or “power-line” of active distributors originating out of the company and continuing down indefinitely. This line of active distributors can create an unlimited sales volume for the company and the active distributor sales organization who may share in the commissionable volume weekly and monthly.

Associate Member: Entry level membership that includes a Business Center (a position in the MyGlobalPayLine), a custom website and weekly E-News Gram. As long as an Associate Member remains active he/she is allowed to have new Associate members and above to be placed in the GlobalPayLine™ under their Business Center.

Affiliate Member: An optional membership position in the GlobalPayLine™ that receives everything an Associate Member receives, plus, he/she may also earn commissions of $10 on their personally enrolled Affiliates (first tier) and $3 on their 2nd tier. An Affiliate will also have a special license agreement that allows them to download certain approved sales aids, marketing tools, educational information, virtual training etc., and will have their own teleconference service line for conference calls with their team or prospects. Affiliate Members will also receive ongoing training / marketing materials as they become available (all inclusive)

Silver Distributor: $14 Business Center and Custom Website plus $30 PV (personal volume) monthly on auto-ship. Can earn weekly and monthly commissions from the MyGlobalPayLine.Com™ compensation plan, can purchase product at the distributor wholesale price, sell at retail and sponsor others into the program.

Gold Distributor: Qualifies for more compensation than a Silver distributor. $14 Business Center and Custom Website plus is purchasing $60 PV on monthly auto-ship.

Platinum Distributor: Highest ranking distributor in the entry level phase of the pay plan. $14 Business Center and Custom Website plus is purchasing $120 PV on monthly auto-ship. Qualifies for more compensation than a Silver and Gold distributor PLUS automatically qualifies for a 20% Matching Bonus on each of their personally sponsored distributor's entire 10 generations of pay. Can also qualify for a share in the monthly corporate revenue bonus pool.

Diamond Distributor: The first step in our exclusive leadership phase of the pay plan. Purchasing at the Platinum level and has personally sponsored and maintains 5 active Platinum Distributors. Receives all the benefits of a Platinum distributor plus can qualify for a share in the monthly Diamond revenue sharing pool and the Platinum pool as well.

Double Diamond Distributor: Step two in our exclusive leadership phase. Purchasing at the Platinum level and has personally sponsored and maintains 10 active Platinum Distributors. Receives all the benefits of a Diamond distributor plus can qualify for a share in the monthly Double Diamond, Diamond, and Platinum revenue sharing pools.

Triple Diamond Distributor: Highest ranking distributor in our exclusive leadership phase. Purchasing at the Platinum level and has personally sponsored and maintains 15 active Platinum Distributors. Receives all the benefits of a Double Diamond distributor plus can qualify for a monthly Leadership Car and House Bonus as well as the monthly Triple Diamond revenue sharing pool.

Presidential Diamond Distributor: Our most rewarding and prestigious achievement in our program is the Presidential Diamond. Purchasing at the Platinum level and has personally sponsored and maintains 5 active Triple Diamond Distributors. Receives all the benefits of a Triple Diamond distributor plus a share in the Presidential 4% monthly revenue sharing pool.

P.V. Personal Volume - same as Commissionable Volume (CV) or Bonus Volume (BV) . PGVPersonal Group Volume within your organization – up to 10 generations. TTV Total Team Volume. Amount of volume from your business center down. TCV Total Company Volume. All volume above and below you. A/S Auto-Ship – product delivery system. Monthly Auto-Ship with a credit or debit card or authorized checking account.

See Questions and Answers Below. If you have further questions or need help getting started please contact your MyGlobalPayLine representative.

Questions and Answers

Q. Is the $29 monthly fee for the Affiliate Membership in addition to the $14 Associate      Membership fee?

A. No. If you select the optional Affiliate membership you pay just $29 monthly which will include everything an Associate member receives plus all the additional benefits of an Affiliate.

Q. Will an Associate member get paid on distributors that fall under them or on any Affiliates or Distributors they may sponsor before they upgrade to Affiliate or distributor?

A. No. An Associate must upgrade to Affiliate and / or Distributor to qualify for commissions. As soon as you have upgraded you will begin earning the commissions on your personally enrolled Affiliates (if you are an Affiliate) and distributors (if you are a distributor) per the compensation plan qualifications.

Q. Can I be just a Distributor or do I have to enroll as an Affiliate as well?

A. Yes. You can enroll as a Distributor (Silver, Gold or Platinum), an Associate or an Affiliate only. The exception might be if your country does not allow you to become a distributor, in which case you can most likely be and Affiliate to earn money and as soon as MyGlobalPayLine has met the requirements for your country you will then be able to become a Distributor as well.

Q. If I am just a distributor and one of my new members enrolls as a distributor AND an Affiliate, will I get paid the $10 monthly commission for that Affiliate?

A. No. You must also be an active Affiliate to receive the 2-tiered commissions on your personal Affiliates and their personal Affiliates. This is an optional and separate program within the MyGlobalPayLine marketing system. Once you become and Affiliate you then begin to receive monthly commissions from any Affiliates you have “personally” enrolled and they have “personally” enrolled the following month.

Q. How can I benefit from all the new distributors that go directly under me if I am an Associate or Affiliate member?

A. To benefit from all the activity and potentially huge sales volume under you, all you need to do is become a distributor and meet the simple qualifications in the program. By remaining “active” in the system as an Associate you will hold your position in the GlobalPayLine and as soon as you begin to qualify for any of the bonuses or commissions you will be able to tap into the potential sales volume that may be growing under you.

Should you have further questions please contact your GlobalPayLine sponsor or the representative who sent you to this website.