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It takes more than words to BEAT THE ODDS

It Takes ACTION... And ACTION is what Bob Holmes is all about!

The #1 Single Most Winning Athlete on the Planet!

If the most winning Athlete on the planet LOVES
You might want to... try it for yourself!

All our research shows that BOB HOLMES is the single most winning Athlete on the planet. Bob has played and beaten the... Miami Dolphins, the Pittsburgh Steelers, the Washington Redskins, the Buffalo Bills (three times), the Toronto Blue Jays, the New England Patriots, the Baltimore Orioles (with Cal Ripken and Jim Palmer), a first place beach volleyball team, Penn State, all the athletic teams of Texas A&M University, and many more.

Bob has faced more than 400,000 opposing players in front of more than three million people since 1986, and has conducted more than 5000 motivational assemblies. He has won more than 16,400 games with less than 400 losses.

"Stand Alone and Beat the Odds: is not only a great school assembly idea, but it is a life changing experience. Remember, "It takes more than words, It takes actions" to Beat the Odds.

Bob Holmes has been an inspiration to HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of kids and young adults across America. Bob delivers a powerful message not to give up, never quit, believe in yourself, don't fall into drugs, alcohol and peer pressure, look ahead, respect yourself and others, and stand alone. Make the right choices and don't follow the crowd if they're going in the wrong direction.

If you're interested in booking Bob Holmes 'The One Man Volleyball Team" for an event or fundraiser in your city, or supporting Bob's efforts with a financial donation, please contact: TriUnity International 858-502-9828 for more information.

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